Believe It……..or Not
Sunday, January 10 – February 28

What is the central core of doctrine which we believe and stand upon? We often recite the “Apostles’ Creed” but do we really know what we are saying? This ancient creed, which was written around AD 150, encapsulates the essential components of our faith. It IS our theological foundation.

Beginning Sunday, January 10 we will work our way through the sections of this important creed. We will take a close look at these “non-negotiable” beliefs and seek to show how the lyrics of many of our beloved hymns align with them. We can say it “by heart,” but do we really believe it? The choice is ours: Believe it….or Not.

Sunday, January 10…… “Believing is Seeing” John 20

Sunday, January 17…… “Is Anyone Out There??” Psalm 90 & Genesis 1

Sunday, January 24 …… “There’s Something about that Name” Philippians 2

Sunday, January 31 …… “The Price is Right” Romans 5

Sunday, February 7…… Holy Communion

Sunday, February 14….. “Up, Up & Away!!” Ephesians 1 & Acts 1

Sunday, February 21 ….. “Do you Believe in Ghosts??” John 14 & Acts 1

Sunday, February 28…… “Have you been to CHURCH Lately?” 1 Corinthians 12

Dr. Gary